Meet David K. Donovan

David K. Donovan FidelityDavid K. Donovan has spent the past decade at Sapient Global Markets, and currently serves as the Global Portfolio Lead of Sapient’s Capital Market Vertical. It is Donovan’s role to implement strategies from inception to conclusion that reduce Sapient’s costs and boost earnings for the leading IT consulting company. Before his time at Sapient, David accrued over twenty years of experience in the tech and investment banking industries. Prior to Sapient, David worked at Fidelity Investments and completed his tenure there as the highest ranked Senior Trader from 1999 to 2005.

While he thrives in the midst of challenges posed by the ever-changing tech-industry, David Donovan also enjoys dedicating his time, energy and support to a number of philanthropic causes.

Donovan is a graduate from the School of Management at Boston College. As a former four-year varsity football player there, David has once again collaborated with B.C.’s athletic director to support an endowed scholarship under the Donovan name. David Donovan donates to other non-profit organizations and causes such as Girls Inc., My Brother’s Table, LPS School for children with learning disabilities, and Marblehead Public Schools Scholarship Fund.

Donovan is the first to tell you that he couldn’t be prouder of the women in his life. With two daughters currently in college, a third still in high school and a wife who is pursuing her Master’s in Education, David beams at the mention of his family. 

When his eldest daughter was a child, David and his wife were told that due to her learning differences, academics would prove to be a constant struggle and that graduating from high school would be challenging at best. The Donovans were also told that it was unrealistic to pin any expectations of attending college onto their daughter’s future. 

Dissatisfied with these options, David and his wife sought out alternatives for their daughter. After researching and visiting schools all over the East Coast, the Donovans came across Middlebridge School. At the time, Middlebridge had a small but committed faculty and a student body that consisted of only 15 students. Although Middlebridge was in its infancy, the school’s mission resonated deeply with the Donovans. Middlebridge School provides academic instruction tailored to the individual needs of its students in a community that is supportive and caring. The Donovans’ daughter attended Middlebridge School and ended up attending college after all. 

Middlebridge has undergone a serious expansion over the past five years due in large part to David’s expert leadership on key fundraising initiatives. Both the faculty and student populations have increased dramatically and the stunning facilities have been built to accommodate this growing population. Yet the integrity and intention of the small-knit community remains unchanged. 

Not only has Middlebridge received its accreditation, but it has grown into one of the most desirable schools in the country for students with learning differences. David takes his role as a trustee seriously; he helps set policy, make faculty decisions, and create targeted strategies to ensure the school’s financial security. Looking ahead, David sees limitless possibilities for the continued growth of Middlebridge School and its laudable mission, dedicated faculty, and bright student population.