About Middlebridge School

David K. Donovan Middlebridge School based in Narragansett, Rhode Island is a progressive and nurturing school that provides academic instruction for students with a variety of learning differences and unique needs. The learning population at Middlebridge consists of both boarding and day students. Although the academic program is focused on developing students in the ninth to twelfth grades, there is also a post-graduate program that includes classes and cultivation for students that may benefit from an extended plan between completing secondary school and continuing onto their next academic, professional or personal pursuit.

David K. Donovan is a committed member of the Board of Trustees and has played a chief role in overseeing the strategic growth and development of the school – particularly over the past five years. Although the school opened serving only 15 students and an equally diminutive staff, the past five years have proven to be explosive in terms of growth, and David has been a driving force behind the initiatives necessary to increase the student population and the recruitment and retention of highly qualified teachers and faculty members. 

While the size of the community at Middlebridge School has grown exponentially over the past few years, perhaps one of the most impressive things about the school is the fact that its mission and core objectives have remained intact, allowing for a highly personal and tailored experience for the students regardless of the growing numbers.

Middlebridge isn’t just about transmitting the necessary information for students to pass their courses, Middlebridge is committed to developing a culture of academic inquiry and scholarship while creating an environment that; supports, encourages, understands and aids students as they develop into young adults. Middlebridge School is a place where the faculty and staff want to prepare students for academics, but also empower them with great tools that can aid in shaping a successful life after school.

In just a short window of time since its inception, Middlebridge School has earned its accreditation and has grown to be one of the most sought after schools in the US for students with learning differences.

As a member of the Board of Trustees, David K. Donovan takes his role seriously; he aids in the policy process, makes decisions regarding faculty, and designs well-planned strategies to secure the school’s financial well-being.

David K. Donovan

David K. Donovan and his family attend his eldest daughter’s graduation from Middlebridge School.

David and his family could not be more pleased to witness the evolution of Middlebridge School and the unique opportunities that it provides for the students both in and outside of the classroom.